mental health facilities in Orange County CA

Mental Health Facilities in Orange County

Let’s face it. Life can be sometimes become so difficult that our mental health may suffer as a result. Excessive worrying, difficulty processing grief, or loss of interest in the things you once enjoyed may all be signs of a developing or worsening mental health condition. Unfortunately, with the daily demands of life tugging at your sleeve, our mental health needs often take a back seat.

Ignoring signs of mental distress, however, is a dangerous path to take, as symptoms may worsen and become so disruptive that daily functioning can become impaired. By denying your need to talk with someone about the symptoms, the disorder may begin to create real problems in home life, relationships, or at work.

Instead of putting your own needs last, discover a source of support by inquiring about mental health facilities in Orange County. Mental health practitioners are available to help us rebalance and restore our emotional health, providing an importance resource for healing all aspects of our being.

What Disorders Do Mental Health Facilities in Orange County Treat?

A full-spectrum mental health center will provide psychological support for a wide range of mental health challenges. The diverse features of each type of mental health disorder require expertise in providing treatment for each type. When seeking help from a mental health facility, it is always advisable to first discuss your primary issues in a phone consultation with the therapist or program director. This allows the individual to determine if that program has expertise in the specialty that aligns with your symptoms. Some programs specialize in depression, for example, where others excel in treating anxiety disorders. However, in most cases, a reputable mental health facility will have the training and experience to treat and manage the full range of mental health disorders. These include:

Depressive disorders: Depression impacts over 16 million Americans each year, causing sometimes debilitating symptoms and emotional instability. Depression is a complex mental health disorder but is manageable with traditional and/or alternative treatment methods.

Anxiety disorders: Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent of all mental health disorders, with approximately 40 million individuals struggling with anxiety every year. Psychotherapy, medication, and holistic therapies are very effective when used together.

Mood disorders: Mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder, are very complex mental health challenges. The primary goal of treating bipolar disorder is to reduce the intensity of the mood swings and to learn new coping skills that help with daily management of the disorder.

Personality disorders: Personality disorders, such as histrionic, narcissistic, borderline, and antisocial personality disorders can cause significant distress in interpersonal relationships, affecting both home and work life.

Psychotic disorders: Disorders such as schizophrenia or schizoaffective represent the more severe types of mental illness. These require psychiatric professionals specifically trained in treating the psychotic disorders.

What to Expect at Mental Health Facilities in Orange County?

  • Evaluation and Assessment. After a careful and thorough intake process, the therapist will have important information that will help them create a plan for treating the issue. This includes the individuals medical and mental health history, substance use history, and results from specific assessments used to help with making a diagnosis.
  • Individualized Treatment Plan. Using the information obtained at intake, the psychiatrist is equipped to make a tailored treatment plan that aligns with the needs of the individual. In most cases, treatment will involve multi-modal approaches, such as:
  • Psychotherapy. Therapy sessions are available in individual and group formats. Family therapy is also available when applicable.
  • Medication management. Common medications for treating mental health disorders include antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication, and anti-psychotic drugs.
  • Adjunctive therapies. Therapies that compliment the traditional therapy and are useful for trauma disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and depression include EMDR and TMS therapy, as well as holistic therapies like mindfulness meditation.
  • Ongoing Support. It isn’t enough to hand a patient a prescription for a drug and expect that to suffice. Mental health treatment involves ongoing therapy, at least for a few months, to work through the issues at hand and help reinforce new coping skills and thought-behavior patterns.

Anew Era Psychiatry Provides Comprehensive Mental Health Treatment

Anew Era Psychiatry is one of the leading mental health facilities in Orange County, providing a full range of therapeutic services to help individuals overcome psychological distress. At Anew Era Psychiatry, each patient is valued and respected along the journey of healing deep emotional wounds or disordered cognitive and/or behavioral functioning. Treating each person with compassion, the therapists at Anew Era Psychiatry aim to partner with patients in exploring ways to better manage emotional distress and improve functioning. For more information about our psychiatric services, please reach out to Anew Era Psychiatry today at (949) 577-6852.

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